PRIDE CHEMTECH DMCC has established the Program of Scholarships since 2016. The program awards scholarships to University graduates worldwide for both postgraduate studies and research fellowships.

More than 10 Scholarships have been awarded for studies/research work in various fields of Medical Sciences, Biological and Environmental Sciences. The Scholars are selected by the Board of Directors of PRIDECHEMTECH DMCC, taking into consideration the relevant evaluations of academic advisors on the basis of academic excellence.

Our power is constantly increasing with young but also experienced professionals, without discrimination and exclusion. For this reason, we dynamically invest in highly qualified people that ensure accountability and participation, displaying a great potential of being our possible future business associates and/or representatives of acknowledged academic institutions that share the same values as ours. Our aim is to invest in the future of accomplished, highly motivated students that will be a great asset to the improvement of the current industrial ecological performance.

Today, the PRIDECHEMTECH DMCC scholars are excelling in academia, science and industry.

Please note that the results are only accessible to all applicants individually.
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